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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Guide to root any samsung mobile(new)

Are you tiered of wandering here and there in search engines for rooting samsung devices. So friends donot loose your hope i am here with this 100% working trick of rooting any samsung mobile. Yes with this guide, you can root any samsung mobile. Personally tested by me. Today i root samsung j7 with this awesome trick. You have tried huge number of guides to root your mobile. So why not this must try this once. I am sure you will get success in rooting your mobile. Trust me i am serious about this thing. I see various people asking me to provide a guide for them to root samsung mobile. This post is for my those friends.

Things you need to root your samsung mobile.

1 >   You must have a samsung mobile.

2>  A pc or a laptop

3  >  Suitable drivers for samsung mobile.

Donot worry if you donot have drivers for samsung mobiles you can download drivers for samsung from below link.

4 >  A usb cable.

5  > And a little of brain and patience  which is necessary to do this.

Before starting this once look at our guide of rooting any  mobile except samsung. Must read its Advantages and disadvantages.

click here to see the advantages and disadvantages of rooting a mobile

So lets start rooting any samsung mobile.

Step by step guide to root any samsung mobile.

Step 1 :>  First of all download the required drivers for samsung mobile in your pc. You can also download it in your mobile and transfer it in your pc. Go to this site and find your device name and then download  the suitable driver for your samsung mobile.

Note that if your device is not in that list then scroll down to below in that site and download drivers for all samsung mobile with latest version. If your device is listed their then download that drivers. And install it in your pc.

click here to download the drivers for samsung mobiles

Step 2 :> Extract the downloaded zip file in your laptop or pc with zip extractor. If you donot have any zip extractor in your pc. You can download one from google.

Step 3 :> Now go to the settings of your phone and then about phone and note down your full model number of your device. Also note down your android version.

Step 4 :> Go to this site and look up your model number their and download that file. It is necessary to open this link in chrome. In other browsers all are messed up and if you download wrong file your phone may be bricked.

click here to download the rooting file for your device model

Step 5 :> Extract this file in new folder and remember that new folder.

Step 6  :>  First keep your phone to stich off.Now bring your device in boot mode by pressing home button + vol down + power button.

Note that you device will be switched off and press all the keys simultaneously

Also note that this button combination may be different for different samsung models.It is better to check once in google.

Step 7 :> when you press these combos a warning dialogue will appear press the volume up button to continue.

Step 8 :> connect your device to pc via usb cable.

Note that you have enable usb debugging option in settings

For that first go to settings and then about phone then press 7 times contiously on build number. It will enable a developer option in your settings. Now come back you will see a new developer option kn settings. Open that option and find there Usb debugging option and enable it.

Step 9 :> Now go to the extracted folder downloaded at step 4

Step 10 :> Now right click on  Odin3-v3.X.X.exe file and click on run as adminstrator.


Step 11 :> wait about 30 secs or more untill the ID:COM  turns blue in colour

Step 12 :> whsn ID : COM turns blue in colour click on AP button available at the center of the scresn.


Step 13 :> Now a pop up will open and then click on file name box and search for that extracted folder downloaded at step 4 and click on CF-Auto-Root-XXX-XXX-XXX.tar.md5 file


Note that xxx is some name you have to look for extension .tar.md5 

Step 14 :>  Click on open button and wait for some time till the log tab displays  "leave cs".

Step 15 :> Click on start button your samsung rooting process will be start. When the process is  complete your phone will reboot and a new app supersu will be installed


I hope you enjoy this guide. And get success in rooting your android. I an not responsible if you download wrong file or do something wrong results in bricking your device. Do it on your own risks. If you need any type of help feel free to write it below or you can send me a message on whatsapp on 9070417167. And donot forget to share it with your friends. You  can subscibe us via email. Have a happy day.