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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Trick To Send Blank Messages And Status On Whatsapp.

Hello friends wellcome again Today m here with the most needed and important trick of whatsapp Yes this trick is totally new. You have seen that many people see blank status and messages on facebook and get shoked. There are lots of questions arrived in their mind that hows they do that....?  Simmilarly you can also send blank messages and upload status on whatsapp.This trick will do the same when u use this trick. All of your friends are now going to get shocked because u just a minute far away from this trick There are only a few persons who knows this trick for those who doesnot know this trick, this post is really for those persons.Some days ago it is not possible to send blank messages on whatsapp but with our this trick you can send blank messages and post blank status on whats app. Our main porpose is to prank with our friends.When you send blank message to your friend and he saw it,he will also try to press space key and try to send you but fails. Okay so lets start how to send blank messages to others.I have written detail about it follow that :>
Whats app tricks   

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Simple method 

In this method you dont have to do anything more just go to the link below and download the file. File size is only 1kb approximate. Open that file and then copy the whole text and paste it where you want to do. But remember one thing that you have remove all commas ie front and last one. You will see that unique character but your fill see only a blank message..

click here to download the file

Other methods

This is the easiest method to send blank messages and post blank status on whatsapp.You have nothing to do just download this app from the below link.There are lots of apps available in playstore but we always take only the best app to share with our friends

Steps to use No word app    

Method 1 

Step 1 :> First of all download and install the apk of No word app from here

Click Here To Download

Step 2 :>Open the Noword app. As you open the app you will see a blank screen .At the bottom of that post you will see a button of send click on that button

Step 3 :>After that ypu will se a list of your whats app conversation with your other friends click on your friend's conversation whom you want to send blank message. Your blank message will be delievered to his inbox.

Method second 

How to send blank messages in whatsapp. : This is also the easiest way to send blank mesaage to your friend on whatsapp. For this method to work you need a pc or laptop. If you donot have a pc or laptop then you should try our first method

Steps to send blank messages in whatsapp

Step 1 :> first of all open note pad in your computer or laptop.

Step 2 :> Now in your note pad, type ALT+0160 or ALT+255

Note when you type this your worda will dissappear  and a blank space will create in your note pad

Step 3 :>  copy that blank space paste it into another file and save that file.

Step 4 :> Now transfer this file to your Android.

Step 5 :> copy the text between that file and send it to your friend whom you want to send

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This is the methods to send blank messages in whatsapp. I hope you like it. If you didnot understand any step fell free to write it below and donot forget to share this post to your friends.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

How To Earn Unlimited Money With Slide App

Do you want  to earn unlimited money with slide app....? 

Hello friends today I am going to share hows you can earn unlimited money with the app named slide. There are various apps available in market through which you can earn money by downloading apps inside that app but this app is 70% different from it. There are also similar apps available in playstore but as we chosse only best app available. Now today you will learn how to use and earn unlimited money with SLIDE app. Do you ever think that how many times you unlock your android to see messages, chatimg with friends, when playing games and much more.But have u ever know that you can earn credit just by unlocking your phone

There is nothing some special things to do in this app nor it is tough Every can use it and earn unlimited. With the help of this app you can earn countless by just unlocking your phone's screen. Each time you unlock your phone's screen you will get some money so as much as you unlock your phone you will get more.Also you can earn money by reffering your friend , you and your friend will get credit if he install the app or by directly  downloading the apps. Greater the number of apps doanloaded by your friends from  your  link  greater  the  amount  you  will earn. This app is very easy to use and you will surely get your credit.  So how to download and use this app. Note that you download this app from the link below otherwise you will not get credit for installing

Step 1 :>First of all download and launch this app.

Download slide app from here

Note if you donot install slide from here you will not get install credit

Step 2 :> Click on join button that you see after launching the app and thenEnter your mobile phone number and email id and then press next button.

Step 3 :>You will get four digit verification code on your mobile
Note that slide app will automatically enter that code in the app and then press next if the app shows wrong code then delete the auto input code and input your code simple by typing it. 

Step 4 :>After confirming your number you will get credit of installing and ready to earn from this app

Step 5 :> Then when ever you press unlock button of your android  you will see a round white button present at the bottom of the  screen in the middle.
Swipe this button toward right to earn the credit and your phone will be unlocked and you will get credit. This credit is small bit think one thing that you unlock your phone many times but didnot get any thing but with the help of this app you will get credit.You can swipe right to download the app and earn more credit However detail of using this app is below. The minimum amount to recieve recharge is 50 that you can earn in one day easily.

Earn Recharge By Reffering your friends.

You can earn unlimited  money by reffering your friend. You and your friend both will get credit if he download slide app from your refferal link. You can share your refferal link in whats app groups on facebook to earn more and more credit My friend earning Rs 500 daily by reffering his link on social media.

How to find your refferal link

Open slide app and go to
 invite friend option and then the bottom of the screen you will find your link simply copy this link and share with your friends.
 If you found trouble in any step feel free to comment below....!!

How to unlock Android when you have forgotten his password.

Are you forget your Android's password.Today I will show you hows you can unlock your mobile when you forget his password. There is no need to go care centre for opening your android again as you own can do it with the help of our guide. It is not tough to unlock android, you all can do it. But how to do it and how to use your mobile again this is also your question...? Am I right....?  Thats why we are discussing about this topic today. In present time nothing is impossible but we have to understand one thing that hows we can get the solution of that problem. As all you knows that for the saftey of our data and personal things we have to use a password or pattern or voice lock etc to keep our mobile safe As it plays very important things in our life All that things which is done in computer can also be completed in android. Today every one is connected with social media.and it is also very cheap in price. Everyone can buy it O dont wasting time lets come to the point. As you know that there are various options to keep your mobile safe from hoopers.

1. Pattern lock
2. English alphabets
3. Number lock

As you know if we input wrong methods maximum then 5 times it will displays a note to try password after 30 secs and the time increases every times as you again input wrong entry and after some tries your phone will be permanently locked and you have you go to care centre for reparing it but not more you can all do this simply by following below guide without gmail account and internet connection

Steps to unlock the password of Android.

Step 1 :> First of all switch your mobile off

Step 2 :> hold the power on/off button and volume down button simmultaneously (vol down +power button)

Note that different androids have different combination buttons to go to boot mode you can check  this in google how to bring your mobile name into boot mode.

Step 3 :> Wait you about 4-5 seconds then a window will open on a screen with the help of volume buttons ypu can scroll down and up in the menues and use power button to choose the option Click on the wipe data menu.

Step 4 :> On selecting that option your phone will start wiping your data

Note :> During the processing dont pull your battery out or intrupt the android if taking long time. It may  take about 30 minutes to wipe. As soon as the process is completed your phone will automatically turns on It will not ask you again to put your password. This is the method to open the password of the android without spending money on it aslo remember to remove your sd before starting your process. If you found trouble fell free to comment below.