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Saturday, 13 August 2016

How to increase Ram of android

Hello friendz today I am here with the most usefull and most needed trick for those persons who have low ram in their mobiles and are not satisfied with it. This trick is for those persons who wants to increase their phone's ram but didnot how to do this Below is the guide of it..Most pf the people have the problem that they have low ram and cant play heavy games in them. Their phone will stuck at only one thing.And this is the reason that they didnot enjoy auch games and apps in their mobile.Their are lots of games available in play store which need much ram to run in android So today i will show you hows you all can easily increase your ram .Yes it is possible to in rease your phone's ram with the help of some apps and sd card. If you have an sd card of 4 gb with 2gb storage free then you can use the remaining memory as a ram for your phone There are huge number of apps available in playstore though which you can increase your phone ram But ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER (SWAP)is the best application to increase phone ram without any errors

Things needed for expanding ram

1:> Your android must be rooted
2:> Sd card (minimum 2gb)
3:> Ram expander app
If your android is not rooted you can follow our guide about rooting any android along with its benifits and disadvantages

Note:-If you have anything important in your sd card you can copy it in uour pc. If the things goes wrong ypu may loose your data. So it is better to keep backup of your sd card.

Features of Ram Expander

1:> You can get free ram in your sd card
2:> Also used in  Android version below 4. 0
3:>No additional knowledge  needed.
4:>Simple GUI
5:> 4 star ratting in play store.

Steps To Increase  Your Phone RAM Wth Ram Expander

Step 1 :>Install the Ram Expander app in your rooted android if you didnot have ram expander in your android you  can download it from below link

click here to download

Step 2 :> Open the app and run it.

Step 3 :> Now you will see a green line on the top drag it from left to right. ( You will see an Mb from right side drag the button on the line as much as you need ram
Step 4 :>You will see another line below the top line drag the button fully on the right side
Step 5 :>Click on active and wait for your file to be swipe.
Step 6 :>when your file will be completed to 100% then close your all apps and restart your device you ram will be increased as much as you want.Remember one thing this increased ram will not shown in your phone setting. This is a virtual ram created in your sd card. You will see that after expanding your ram your apps will run smoother hou can paly evwn those games which you cannot play before expansion. I hope you will enjoy my post if you have any problem related to this post you can comment it below. You can also share this post with your friends

Thursday, 11 August 2016

How To Get Resources In Any Ofline games.(New)

If you are crazy about games like me and want to get unlimted resources in ofline games without paying even a single cent then brothers you are exactly at the  correct place.Today I will show you can get unlimited resources in offline games like subway, temple run, hill climb etc.First of all let me you that Offline games are those games in which game's data is stored only in users  mobile . If we make changes in game's data then we can also get changes in game for example if we modify the game data and increases the value of gold gems etc  then we also get gold gems increased  in our game.

Things you need to do this

1 :>     Rooted android mobile. You can also use it in non rooted mobile.But with  Rooted mobile you can get 100% result. You can also check our guide to root android with or without pc with just in a single click.

2 :>   And a little of brain

Also check here :-Also See Here How to android without pc.

We will simply do this with the help of an app named Lucky Patcher.There are many apps simmilar to lucky patcher like freedom app etc.But we always selects that app that we have personally tested. Below is the guide of how to do this with lucky patcher

What Is Lucky Patcher ..?

Lucky patcher is one of the most needed Android app that allow you to remove any type of advertisements from  the Android apps and games, modify the permissions of any  apps(for example we take whatsapp as an example Whatsapp has permission of vibrating the phone when messages arrive you can dissable this permission so when the message came phone will never vibrate even the vibration is turned on in your phone) , bypass license verification of premium apps, you can also create a backup of all downloaded apps and games etc. In your phone. Imshort Lucky Patcher is an app that provide you the real control over the permissions you give to any apps installed on your Android. You can delete advertising, change the permissions, create backups of other apps, and much more. For enjoying all these features you need a rooted device.
When you open Lucky Patcher you'll see a comprehensive list of all the apps installed on the device. You just have to tap one of them to see the available options: view the app's information, uninstall it, delete additional data, and access other special tools.
Among these special tools you can find interesting features that let you, for example, deactivate ads, and even run the app in conditions in which you normally could not do it. Lucky Patcher allows  you to take control of all the apps installed on your Android. .

What exactly the lucky patcher is...?

These days cracking apps has become a fashion among  all the people.Lucky Patcher is a tool that is not designed for cracking the apps, but it offers a large number of features to handle apps , it let you do certain operations which is very needed these days.

Lucky Patcher Features :

  • Remove ads from apps :> Lucky patcher can Identify the apps with advertisement on your device,  through which you can easily remove the ads.
  • Get resources in any game :> With the help of these feature you donot need to buy anything with your money.This app has an ability  to remove in app purchase verification.
  • Modify app permission :> This  app can also be used to remove any app permissions.
  • Backup :> You can create the back up any app before or after modified.

  • System app :> This app has an ability  of removing system apps or you can make any app as a system app.

Steps to get recources in any game :>

Step 1 :- download the apk of lucky patcher from here

click here to download the apk of lucky patcher

Step 2 :- Install and launch the app and then allow root permission to it.  After that you will see all installed app on your mobile.

Step 3 :- click on the game in which you want to get resources and then click on Open menu of patches. or you can directly found it by long pressing on the app.

Step 4  click on support patch for Inapp and LVL emulation and then click on apply

Step :- 4 wait till the result comes and launch the game through lucky patcher Now to to purchases section of game when you click on buy lucky patcher window will open like this click on remember my choice and then click okay

congrats !  you have successfully buy items from game

Our aim to do that is to make  the game fool so in that case game thinks that his player has purchased the items through game by spending money because there are not such servers availabe to check whether the money is actually transfers to the game owners  account.

Note :-> you have to launch game through lucky patcher to purchase items whenever you want to buy.

Why it is so tough to get resources in server based games....? 

In case of offline games

Offline games are those games in which game's data is stored only in mobile  If we make changes in game's data then we can also get changes in game for example if we modify the game data and increases the value of gold gems etc etc then we also get gold gems increased  in our game.

But in case of server based games we have to change our game data stored on the server too   Lets take an example of clash of clash as i personally plays that game and already did it. Assume that we have 10 gems. we modified the game data and make it 100 when we open and try to play the game client side that is our side says we have 100 gems but the server says NO you have 10  gems As a result a message displays on the screen client and server are out of sync. and also note that only changing the data on servers are not the exact solution to hack Online games there may be another server to check whether the money is actually transfered or not so it makes too tough to hack server based games

I hope u understand what i said.... 

Enjoy the game !
and dont forget to share this post with your friends.
Comment below if you trouble in any step.👇👇👇

Monday, 8 August 2016

Guide For Playing PSP Games In Android

If you are also a big fan of psp games and want to play PSP games in android then you are at the right place. Everyone wants to know that how to play PSP games in android So I am writting here


There are huge number of emulators available in play store to play psp games in android but they are not so good as their names.Every one has their unique errors which makes them worst though all these apps PPSSPP is the bestest emulator to run PSP games in android at this time. With the help of this emulator you can run lots of psp games like ben 10, gta, god of war, taken 6 , wwe smackdown, cricket, fifa world cup,tennis and much more. Below is the list of some famous games that you can play in your android. PPSSPP Emulator is free to download.  You can directly download it from the playstore By clicking the link given  below 👇

ISO/ CSO files and how to manange them to use in PPSSPP :-

There is No games in this emulator You have to download games saperately with this Emulator. If you have a psp then you definately know that what is ISO/CSO file. For those who doesnot know what is iso and cso. Iso and cso are the file extensions of psp games as the extension of text file is  ".txt "similarly  the extension of psp games is" .iso "or " .cso" In android you have to download such files, after that you can play psp games. Below is the link of website from where you can download iso or cso file of game.

Note that after downloading put your iso file in the games folder of ppsspp emulator, so you can easily find the game that you want to play.

Here is the list of Some popular  games that can personally played by me and my friends  (note thet all will run full speed on all devices according  to the perfomance of your battery and ram (minimum 512mb required). Although you can set graphics and cpu speed in emulator to play games smoother.

  • Persona 2 and Persona3. 
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Sniper city
  • Down-hill
  • Fifa 2009
  • Cricket fever
  • God of war (chains  of Olympus )
  • Prince of persia
  • Ben 10 ultimate alien
  • Little Big Planet
  • Burnout Legends, Burnout Dominator
  • Final Fantasy : Crisis Core
  • Final Fantasy : Type-0
  • Monster Hunter 2 Unite and 3: HD Remake
  • Tekken 6
  • Grand Theft Auto 
  • Lumines
  • Worms
  • Wipeout

Note: The performance of the games depend on system's hardware of your device  Some games work at full speed and some games work may be slow

How to do this:-  

Step 1 :-   First of all you need an Emulator to open the file of PSP  so u can play it in android. You can  download the Emulator from below link :

click here to download ppsspp emulator

Step 2 :- Now to go this site and click on psp acter that scroll below and select the first alphabet of the game for example if you want to download god of war then click on g. As soon as you found your game click on download

Step 3 :- After download put your game in games directory of your ppsspp emulator. It is not necesaary to keep the game into the game fllder of emulator you can create a new folder in your mobile and move your file into that folder.

click here to download the iso file of psp games

Note the file you download is in the form of rar or zip you have yo extract that file to get iso file of game

Step 4 :-   Next  open ppsspp  Emulator and choose that folder where you keep your iso file. Yow will see an icon of that game whatever you download.

Step 5:-open that file through ppsspp and Enjoy the game  you can download any game from that site  and start playing..

If you see that the game is moving slow you  adjust settings  of ppsspp emulator of  your  choice. Below are some tips  what to do in that case 

  • 👉  If you see  dark screen in your game turn  buffered rendering to on to get rid of it
  • 👉   if you didnot hear the audio of the game  clearly is not clear then change frameskipping..  to 2 or 3 (not more than 3)
  • 👉 if any game play is faster than defualt then change the alternative speed to 0 (Auto) or less..
  • 👉  for God of war (chain of olympus),  or god of war (ghost of sparta)  change alternative speed to 200 for smoother performance 
  • 👉   Enable speedhack if you need to use speeding up.
  • 👉    prevent fps from exceeding 60..

If you didnot understand any step then  comment below  👇👇👇

Sunday, 7 August 2016

How to download and use mod of of mini-minitia (updated new)

Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia is based on multiplayer combat with up to 6 players online or locally in your region.
You can Train your self with the trainer(the Sarge) and sharpen your aiming skills in offline Training mode and after trained your self you can fight with other players in your network. In non paid version you can use only one weapon in your hand at a time.While playing online with data plan with non paid version you can not use all the weapons they are locked for pro version and you have pay a fee for downloading the paid version of mini miltia :doodle army 2 but not in case of Lan when you are playing with your friends. If you are in those who dont want to pay even a single cent for games then you are totally at the exact place

Mini-militia is growing rapidly in play store its searches are in reasing day by day. It is the perfect game for killing the time.

About Mini-militia :Doodle army 2

Weapons:-  There are huge number of weapons and bombs available in game which makes this game different from others like Desert eagle(sniper gun), Uzi,, SMAW, AK47 ,magnum, MP5,shotgun, M4, M14,  , M93BA, machete, PHASR, flame-splasher, and various grenades such as hydrogen, air gas and the timebomb.

Powerups:-  power boost (ie flying power larger the power you have larger time you can stay in air . You have to upgrade your flying power to stay longer time in air )

Health pack :- (as the name suggests, health  is most important in every game to stay longer in game you need more and more health.)

You have to Purchase the Pro Player Pack to access all weapons during  playing online but not more Now you can access all these features free of cost without paying  anything.

Controls :-To move the fighter use the joystick present  at the left bottom.  You can customize the size and position of the joystick and To aim and fire, use the joystick present at the right bottom. The  button at the top left allows you to select zoom and the button on the top right side lets you reload the weapon.For using the next gun click on the icon of the  gun present at the top and for changing the gun press the small icon on the top when you come closer to any gun.

Features of Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Android game

  • It can be played with our friends simultaneously in multiplayer mission by using Hotspot( without internet Connection.)
  • It can also  be played with our Google Plus friends.
  • Mini -militia :doodle army 2 uses very less amount of Mobile Data while playing Online with players world wide.
  • As you level up you can get more and more power ups in the form of achievement.
  • It is the only action game that has got the most popularity in the play store.
  • Another great news about this game is that you can play with your real friends and  beat them and can be come a perfect fighter. By challenging your friends you are the best and play with them this is the best way to spend your free time.

So ,want to use the mod mini miltia for android..?

below is the guide how to get unlimited health , weapons ,flying power etc just is easy steps :-

Things you needed to do this :-

  •  your android must be rooted.If not then you cannot use mod of Mini-militia : Doodle army 2. 
  •  your mini militia game version must be  2.2.19  otherwise the mod will not work .
Also see here :-How to root your android without pc.

Step 1 :-  first of all go to this site and  download the mod of mini militia Click here(approx. 0.4mb only)

step 2 :-  Install and open the app and allow root permission to it.

step 3 :-> choose the options whatever you need in your game like pro pack, infinite bullets,no reload, zero respawning time, fire 5 bullets at one shot, one shot death and much more.

Screen shot by TrickMania New

step4 :- Then click on patch binary and save , wait for 10 sec then you get a success message appear on the screen.

step 5 :- launch the app first time through the mini-militia  mod.

Now you are done enjoy the game.!

All  Chat Codes for Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia 

  • Write BI for saying " bring it "
  • Write LG for saying " lets go ,yeah..! "
  • Write RU for saying " ready up "
  • Write GS for saying  " get some"
  • Write NN  for saying  " noooooo "
  • Write HH for saying  "  A perfect fighting machine "
  • Write CM  for saying " cover me "
  • Write CB for saying  "come on boy "
  • Write MO for saying " move out "
  • Write WP for saying " You wanna piece of me"
  • Write GG for saying " Good Game "
  • Write GM for saying " Oh, They got me! "
  • Write NS for saying " Nice shot "