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Sunday, 7 August 2016

How to download and use mod of of mini-minitia (updated new)

Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia is based on multiplayer combat with up to 6 players online or locally in your region.
You can Train your self with the trainer(the Sarge) and sharpen your aiming skills in offline Training mode and after trained your self you can fight with other players in your network. In non paid version you can use only one weapon in your hand at a time.While playing online with data plan with non paid version you can not use all the weapons they are locked for pro version and you have pay a fee for downloading the paid version of mini miltia :doodle army 2 but not in case of Lan when you are playing with your friends. If you are in those who dont want to pay even a single cent for games then you are totally at the exact place

Mini-militia is growing rapidly in play store its searches are in reasing day by day. It is the perfect game for killing the time.

About Mini-militia :Doodle army 2

Weapons:-  There are huge number of weapons and bombs available in game which makes this game different from others like Desert eagle(sniper gun), Uzi,, SMAW, AK47 ,magnum, MP5,shotgun, M4, M14,  , M93BA, machete, PHASR, flame-splasher, and various grenades such as hydrogen, air gas and the timebomb.

Powerups:-  power boost (ie flying power larger the power you have larger time you can stay in air . You have to upgrade your flying power to stay longer time in air )

Health pack :- (as the name suggests, health  is most important in every game to stay longer in game you need more and more health.)

You have to Purchase the Pro Player Pack to access all weapons during  playing online but not more Now you can access all these features free of cost without paying  anything.

Controls :-To move the fighter use the joystick present  at the left bottom.  You can customize the size and position of the joystick and To aim and fire, use the joystick present at the right bottom. The  button at the top left allows you to select zoom and the button on the top right side lets you reload the weapon.For using the next gun click on the icon of the  gun present at the top and for changing the gun press the small icon on the top when you come closer to any gun.

Features of Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Android game

  • It can be played with our friends simultaneously in multiplayer mission by using Hotspot( without internet Connection.)
  • It can also  be played with our Google Plus friends.
  • Mini -militia :doodle army 2 uses very less amount of Mobile Data while playing Online with players world wide.
  • As you level up you can get more and more power ups in the form of achievement.
  • It is the only action game that has got the most popularity in the play store.
  • Another great news about this game is that you can play with your real friends and  beat them and can be come a perfect fighter. By challenging your friends you are the best and play with them this is the best way to spend your free time.

So ,want to use the mod mini miltia for android..?

below is the guide how to get unlimited health , weapons ,flying power etc just is easy steps :-

Things you needed to do this :-

  •  your android must be rooted.If not then you cannot use mod of Mini-militia : Doodle army 2. 
  •  your mini militia game version must be  2.2.19  otherwise the mod will not work .
Also see here :-How to root your android without pc.

Step 1 :-  first of all go to this site and  download the mod of mini militia Click here(approx. 0.4mb only)

step 2 :-  Install and open the app and allow root permission to it.

step 3 :-> choose the options whatever you need in your game like pro pack, infinite bullets,no reload, zero respawning time, fire 5 bullets at one shot, one shot death and much more.

Screen shot by TrickMania New

step4 :- Then click on patch binary and save , wait for 10 sec then you get a success message appear on the screen.

step 5 :- launch the app first time through the mini-militia  mod.

Now you are done enjoy the game.!

All  Chat Codes for Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia 

  • Write BI for saying " bring it "
  • Write LG for saying " lets go ,yeah..! "
  • Write RU for saying " ready up "
  • Write GS for saying  " get some"
  • Write NN  for saying  " noooooo "
  • Write HH for saying  "  A perfect fighting machine "
  • Write CM  for saying " cover me "
  • Write CB for saying  "come on boy "
  • Write MO for saying " move out "
  • Write WP for saying " You wanna piece of me"
  • Write GG for saying " Good Game "
  • Write GM for saying " Oh, They got me! "
  • Write NS for saying " Nice shot " 

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