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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

How to root android with pc and without pc.


Before starting how to root an android first I want to tell you what is root ? its advantages and disadvantages ? Every one wants to root an android but they donot even know a single step about it as a result a new bricked phone is produced before you start let us know what exactly the root is.

what is root.?

The Android operating system was designed for both commercial and private use.  the operating system of android comes with huge number of  features disabled,  in it either for future use or to prevent the average user from causing permanent damage to the OS. with the help of root these disabled features will be perfectly shown and can be used in your phone Although, Rooting is the process in which a user gains full access to the previously restricted features, settings, and performance levels. In other words, the user gets access to the root of the operating system and can make fundamental changes . he can do a large number of things,  running huge amount of apps which need root access and much more.

Disadvantages of Rooting? 

Disadvantages of rooting a phone is always less than its benefits but it has very effective drawbacks you may once look at them before going for rooting Most users often don't need to root their phone. Most users are primarily driven by the thrill of getting the forbidden fruit and not that they need the abilities that come with rooting. Soon, realize they did not need to root their device in the first place; These are some of the disadvantages of rooting your Android phone:

  • It voids your Phone's Warranty :- Once you root your phone, the manufacturer?s warranty becomes totally void , it will be a waste of time trying to claim warranty cover for the damages
  •  bricking the phone :- A bricked phone means a dead phone and is the same as carrying around a brick in your pocket . your android will stuck on android logo in that case no formating, no wiping catche partition will work you cannot use your phone more and need to go  to the service centre 

  • Poor Performance :- Some users experience reduced performance after rooting their phones. Despite the fact that increasing the device performance is what drove them into rooting in the first place. You should remember that by rooting your phone, you are making changes to the stock operating system. otherwise you will not get speed in lower RAM android having 512mb ram and less in that case you have to increase your ram and much more to get speed on your android

  • participation of  Viruses :- By now you should know your smartphone is a target of viruses, malware, adware and all sorts of crapware, just like your PC. When you root your phone, you can also flash the device?s ROM using custom programs. Making such changes to the code of a software increases the likelihood of introducing a virus into your android 

  • Problems with Updates : - Sometimes you root Android phone to get latest OS but after rooting, you may find that the automatic updates to the firmware stopped. Updates fails to install due to software modifications that occurred while the distribution has been rooted. as a result you cannot able to update your android in some cases.
Decide at your own if you need to root your Android device or not.

Advantages of Rooting :-

root your phone if you really need to. But never out of a mere curiosity. So assuming you know what you are doing, the following are some of the advantages that come with rooting your Android phone.

  • Blocking Ads in Any Apps.  :-   Many times when we are playing games and doing some thing important in our android popup ads will cover our android's screen as a result one may loose his concentration. with the help of  root you can perfectly remove this annoying ads immediately.

  •  Install Incompatible Apps.  :-  there are huge number of apps in playstore which need root access to run  if you want to Enjoy the benefits of that apps and   root your phone and install them on your device. 

  • Keep Latest Android OS. :- Every one wants the latest operating systsm The best thing about rooted Android is that   A rooted Android can get the new OS months before the carrier releases the update, often along with a few bonus features

  • Running special Apps :-  More often than not, users root their phone in order to use app that would not run in un-rooted phones. Take, for instance, Superuser app; this will allow you to take control of which apps can access the root system. Once you root your phone, you will be able to tether your PC to your Android phone. Enabling you to connect to the internet on your PC using the phone's data connection.

  • Transfer installed apps to sd card and Free up Memory :- On an un-rootedphone, whenever you install an app, it gets stored on the phone's internal memory. By rooting, you will be able to move installed apps to the SD Card, and thus free up the system memory for more app or files storage.

  • Custom ROM's :-Perhaps the best feature of a ?rooted? phone. Once rooted you can have one of the hundreds of custom ROMs available that will allow them to do a wide variety of functions. Including speeding up the processor and giving the phone a completely new and different feel.and  better look from a same phone. 

  • Change Skin for your Android:-  As you can see, there are only 3 to 4 default skin on your device to change. But if you root your phone and install the new ROMs, you can enjoy the customized and tweaked skins on your device and much more.

However, you should really think once if not twice about rooting your phone. Don't be lured by the possibilities of having a rooted phone. Sure an unlocked phone can be a very powerful device. But if things go south, it will become bricked.

Two methods to root your android:-

below are the instructions to root any Android Device using the KingRoot Application on the mobile itself (no need of computer).
Requirements : Your Android Device should have atleast 50 percent of device battery or more to begin the root process. if your battery gets down below the process your android should not be root.

Step 1 : first of all On your Android Device goto Settings  ->   Security ->    Device Administration -> Unknown Source (tick to enable it)

Step 2 : Now  Download and install KingRoot APK on your Android Device.

Step 3 : Once you install, you will be able to see the kingroot icon in the Launcher Menu

Step 4 : Tap on the KingRoot icon to Open it. Once KingRoot Application is launched wait for 20-30 secs. Kkngroot will show your decive info

Step 5 : Now,  ckick on the Start Root Button to begin the root process.

Step 6 : Within a minute or two you will be able to see the Big Green Tick, which signifies that your device is rooted successfully.

Download any root checker app from playstore to know that whether your phone is rooted or not. 

NOTE :->   you need an internet connection to root your android without pc.

CLICK HERE  to go to official site of kingroot to download it.


Step 1: Download and install KingoRoot for Windows.

Step 2: Enable USB debugging mode on your phone  .  click  Settings  -> About Phone  then scroll down to Build Number. Tap it seven times, at which point you should see the message, "You are now a developer!"
When this is done   click Settings-> About Phone -> Developer Options, and then tick USB debugging." Then click OK to save the settings.

Step 3: Run Android Root on your PC, then connect your phone via its USB cable. After a moment, the former should show a connection to the latter. Your device screen may show an "Allow USB debugging?" pop-up. Tick "Always allow from this computer," then click OK.

Step 4: Click Root, then sit back and wait while the utility does its thing. After a few minutes, you will get message whether rooted or not

Step 5 :- And that's all there.  If you decide you want to reverse the process, just run Android Root again, connect your phone, then click Remove Root. (Same goes for the app version, more or less.)

Do it on your own risk i am not responsible if you do wrong step and brick your phone dont claim me and directly go to service center.   :-)

If you found trouble in any step feel free to write below.
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