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Thursday, 4 August 2016

How To Earn Unlimited Money From M-cent app(new trick updated)

               Mcent new trick

What is M-cent....?

Mcent is a free recharge app that gives free recharges (both internet and talktime recharges) for downloading various apps inside the M-cent app and also by refering  your friends through facebook, whatsapps messaging, line etc whatever social apps you have installed in your android. This app pays money on the spot as soon you download any app or refer any friend once the challenge is complete you will get your credit instantly. Their is also no need to wait for whether the recharge is done or not We will snoof mcent, in such a way that the app  will think that you are using new device and you will get refer money again and again in the same mobile phone . Now  you can earn mobile recharge online free.  There is no need to go out-side for doing talktime recharges  and also there is no need to ask money for recharges from your mon. The only one thing you need is more numbers. Greater the amount of numbers will have Greater you can earn money with Mcent  So enjoy mcent unlimited money trick with below steps.This trick is working perfectly and I have also  tested it personally.Their is no such need to use bluestack on computer.You can use  mcent unlimited recharge on your android  mobile. Below are some easy steps for getting  unlimited recharges from mcent(the free recharge app).

click here to download mcent app for android

Mcent is very popular and largest paying free recharge app which pays you for completing offers, downloading apps and also by reffering your friend Mcent users instants gets their credit as soon as they complete any offer inside the app.
As compare to other apps M-cent is very different wiyh their mirrors Easy to manage, Excellent GUI makes this app different from others.

Lets see how to do this.....!!!

 Things you need to do that.

 Firstly you need a rooted mobile to do that you can see our previous post about how to root an android with pc and without pc. Secondly a little of brain and patience which is mkst important to do that...

download apk of xprivacy app from here

About Xprivacy:-

X-Privacy is an Android app, which is used to to Hide your Mobile's personal data from any fixed app. As you all  knows that every app once you installed in your android phone, will  take all of your data like Id of your android  IMEI. Number, Gmail id, Ip Address etc. So they will secretly store all of your device information on their servers to remember whether the number is not going to register again. This will not clear your phones info o  their servers by  clearing the data of the app or by uninstalling it.The data will still stores safely on their servers.  So for Snoofing our device information,ie by changing our Android information and  by sending fake info, this app is created by their owners which is totally free of  cost. So  this is very good Android application for those who wants  to earn money from money providing apps There are huge amount of apps on play store and the same method works for all but i choose mcent because it was the top paying app this year.  You can use xrivacy in your Android Mobile Phone without any problem

In other words we can say that XPrivacy App can prevent out applications from giving our mobiles privacy sensitive data to the app owners. It can restrict various data categories, such as contacts or location Imei Android id etc. For example, if you restrict an app access to contacts, that app will receive an empty contacts list. Similarly, with other apps if you restrict an app access to your location it will send a fake location to that application.

Salient Features of Xprivacy App:-

  • There is No ads in Xprivacy app.
  •  You  an use this  app totally free of cost. You dont have to pay even a single  cent from your pocket.
  • This app Can be used for any other apps
  • Easy to use without any additional  knowledge


1) Xposed Framework tool.
Download all the files carefully in additional to  the ZIP files according to your device  if you have not installed yet
Download t from the official site of xda developers

Note to download zip file of your android version only

2) Xprivacy app in your android mobile
3) Any custom recovery like cwm recovery or terp recovery only for lollipop devices
4) Rooted android phone.

How To Install Xposed Framework in  Kitkat devices :-

Step 1:-First of all  Download Xposed frame work zip files from the above link (remember to download files for your device only)

Step 2 :- Now install and open the Xposed framework app in your android.

Step 3 :- Then Click on <Framework>

Step 4 :-  After that click on <Install/Update > button.

Step 5 :- Grant root permissions to the app and reboot your device once.

Step 6 :- Now install Xprivacy app which you have download earlier

Step 7 :-  Again open Xposed Framework  And go to

👉 Modules 👉Xprivacy

Step 8  Now your Xprivacy app is ready to use for snoofing free recharge apps

 You can reboot one time more to run all apps working perfectly.

How To Install Xposed Framework For Lollipop Users:-

Step 1 :- Download Xposed from above link.

Step 2 :-  Now install and open the app. You will see that Xposed is Not active.

 Step 3 :-  Turn your phone switch off and on it into recovery mode (press together volume down + power button)
 Note that these button combination will be different for different mobiles you can search them in Google.

Step 4 : Now flash the ZIP file that you downloaded.
Also noted that you have one of the custom recovery installed in your phone.

Step 5 :- Reboot your device and your Xposed is ready to work.

It is the  right time to configure the app.

Open xprivacy   👉  xposed framework 👉  modules  👉  xprivacy

Now your x privacy app is 100% ready to use. Below is the guide about how to use x privacy app

How To Use Xprivacy App:-

Step 1 :-  Open Xprivacy app in your android phone

Step 2 :- Select the app from the list whom you want to snoof.

Step 3  :-  Click on Gear Icon

Step 4 :-  Only   Choose those  options that you want to change.

Step 5 :- click on Randomize data button in the app

Step 6 :- At last save your settings.

Repeat the process  and earn more and more 

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