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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

How to create unlimited facebook accounts without number verification

Hey friends ! Today I will guide you about how to create unlimited Facebook accounts just in minutes with this 100% working methods. Many of you asked me to write on this trick (in which we can create unlimited Facebook accounts. ) Whenever some-one try to create new facebook account, he/she always see that facebook asks for the verification. After creating your Facebook account, if you have not confirmed your facebook account after some days it will ask you to enter your correct email address and verify it. Now these days facebook has launched that if some-one wants to create a facebook account then he/she can easily do with the help of mobile number. he/she will receive an OTP code on his number and he has to put that number into his facebook account whom he / she wants to confirm. With the help of verification of OTP code you will be able to Confirm your Facebook account very easily.

Now Lets come to the main point
before starting how's we can do that let us know one think that, what actually the temporary mail is.

Q. What is Temporary Mail.....?

Ans. Temporary mail is a site that provides email address and we can use them to get the verification code free of cost even without registering our name and address. yeah! without name. You donot need to tell your email information to anyone because they will easily create a facebook account with the help of this trick. You just keep your email address as a secret in your mind .These type of sites provides to create infinite number of emails and you also need not to write those emails for verifying in future. There is also no need to do any type of sign up Just choose your email and password . So easy, too fast and polite user interface which helps you to create accounts for any sites in the world except those where domain is fixed. Below are the methods of creating facebook account choose which one suits you and where you can create easily. Both the methods are working same.

Method 1 (without downloading any app)

Steps to do that:-

Step:1->    first of all go to facebook login page http://Www.fb.com with your browser

Step :2  ->  click on -> create new account option.

Step :3   ->  now open new tab and go to http://temp-mail.org/option/change

step :4  ->   create your email and password their and click on :-> continue. your complete email will be shown on top.... )👆👆👆👆
(this site provide temporary space to hold confirmation mails)

Step :5 :->  now open facebook tab and fill all field and in the email section put your those email that you recently created in your second tab wait for 10 sec facebook will sends confirmation code and confirmation link to your newly created temp mail account

Put your code to confirm your email
Thats all...!! you can create unlimited fb id through this way.

Below are some websites to store temporary confirmaton mails....

NOTE:- while copying site remember to clear spaces between the url. otherwise your site will not run it was se to prevent our site from stealers 

  • http:// mailinator . com
  • https :// www.guerrillamail.com
  • http:// getair mail. com 
  • http:// www .yopmail.com /en/
  • http:// 10minute mail.com/
  • 10MinuteMail/in dex.html
  • http: //ww w.disp ostable.com/
  • http: //ww w.fak einbox.com/
  • http: //www.fak emailgenerator.com
  • http: //tem pm ail.org/
  • https: //www .shar kla sers.com/
  • http: //www.jeta ble.org/en/index
  • http://www.throbwawaymail.com/
  • https: //tra shmail.com/
  • http: //mai ldrop.cc/
  • http: //www.incogni tomail.com/
  • http: //mail nesia.com/
  • http: //www.ey epaste.com/
  • http: //dispo sable.pingfu.net/
  • http: //disc ard.email/en/
  • http: //lazy inbox.com/
  • http: //for ward.cat/
  • http: //dea daddress.com/
  • http: //www.myt rashmail.com/

Method 2(by using apps) 

For Creating Multiple/Unlimited Facebook Accounts:-

Step 1 :->  First of all clear data of Opera Mini Browser from

go to Settings -> all Apps -> click opera mini -> clear the data of opera mini

Step 2 ->  download Donkey Guard app from the playstore

Step 3 :->    Open Donkeyguard Android app and change values of opera mini like device id, IMEI etc. Or you can also use other apps like xprivacy, device emulator etc. there are huge number of apps for changing the app data.

Step 4 :->  Now Change your Android Id After Successfully Change Android Id, Reconnect your Internet Connection (This will change your Ip)

Repeat Above Process again and again and Enter New Temporary Mail.You can create Unlimited Facebook Accounts with this working method.
This is a facebook trick to create unlimited facebook accounts without number verification. Create unlimited facebook account and loot android apps like ganna app, m cent etc. Now Enjoy this trick and create unlimited facebook account.

If you found trouble in any step feel free to comment below... 👇👇👇

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