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Saturday, 6 August 2016

100% working trick to make your whatsapp number into international one.

Hello friends ! Today, I am here  with the most needed trick of Whatsapp. Yes, you are right this is the 100% working trick to change your Whatsapp number into international number just in minutes.
Don't believe, Here is the proof:
There are two working methods by which you can change your whats apps number into international So, you want to know how to change  your whatsapp Number with u.s. (+1) country number and also with the Philippines country with their country code (+63).
What’s app is the most popular from last few months even it beated many apps.  Every People use what’s app thats why  i am sharing this Awesome trick to create whatsapp account with both U.S  and Phillipines number for keep your number totally safe and rock in your friends, relatives etc. As you all know What’s app is very  most popular way for chat with your friends  relatives but you need to share your whatsapp no with people’s, which is not so secure way.

              Whats-app trick

For Changing your Whatsapp into  U.S. Number, first you need U.S. Number. if you are not the resident of U.S., then you might be thinking that how can you get U.S. Number for your whatsapp number verification. There are huge number of working  apps available at  Play Store, who provides U.S country number for free calls & text messages free of cost.  But the thing is Most of the Apps have their numbers blocked by the Whatsapp or their number series for not to use in the whatsapp account making. So After long research, Finally I found simple app, which you can use in your device right now for Creating Whatsapp Account With the help of U.S. Number.

Benefits For Creating  What’s App Account With United States Number :-

  • larger Privacy
  • Shock Your friend  with your totally new number.
  • International Number
  • Keep Your Number Safe from unknown persons.

Salient features Of What’s App U.s Number Trick

  • Hide Your Number.
  • Totally Free.
  • Create account With U.S number
  • Working With all android devices
  • No  issues found yet.

How to Create Whatsapp Account With Philippines Number (Latest Working Method) :-

Step 1  :- First of all  Download an android application  named  Talk2 .

Click here to download talk 2 app.

Step 2 :-   Install and register your number there.

Step  3 :-  As soon as you complete your registeration you will receive a free number from Talk2 app which can be used for whatsapp (this number is Philippines number with country code +63)

Step 4 :- Copy that  number go to

Whatsapp 👉 Settings 👉Account  👉Change Number

put your number in first box and the Philippine number in second box and press okay.

Step 5 :-  Now, Whatsapp will send a verification message to your Philippine number that you created above.

Step 6 :- Next Goto  your Talk2 account you will receive a verification message from Whatsapp With a unique verification code.

Step 7 :-  put your that code in your whats app account.

 Thats all!   you have brilliantly changed your whatsapp number into  Philippine number.

How to Create Whatsapp Account With Philippines Number (Latest Working Method updated)  :--

Step 1  :-   Download and Install Primo App in your android  mobile

click here to download primo app

Step 2 :-   After that Open that app and register your number there.

Step 3  :-   You will recive a verification code from primo app put that number in promo to verify your number.

Step 3:-    After verification Click on Top Left corner of the primo app and you will see  new U.S Number there, copy it.

Step 4 :- Then Open your  Whatsapp from your Device and follow this

  Go to Whats app Settings 👉Account setting    👉Change Number

Step 5 :-      Put your mobile number in first box and US number in second box and then  click on Continue..

Step 6 :-  Now  wait for few seconds, you will get whats app verification code in your primo app if you didnot recieve code then click on Call Me option and you will get a call and listin the whats app verification code carefully.

Step 7  Pickup the call and BOT will speak your verification code, enter that code  in  your Whatsapp.

 And you are done!  now you have completely changed your whats app number into U.S number.

Method to change your whats app number into international with voxox  app :-

Step 1:- first of all You need voxox app in your android phone download

Click here to download voxox app

Step 2:- After  successfully installation  register a free  account there with your number.

Step 3:- When you registeration process is  completed. You will get a free U.S number from Voxox.

Step 4:- Just Copy U.S. number that you received from voxox app  and go to this

Whatsapp 👉Settings 👉 Acconut 👉 Change Number

and then Enter your number in first box (Enter your old number) and U.S. number in second box and click on Change my number.

Step 5:- Now, Whatsapp will send a verification code  in your voxox app.

Step 6:- put that number to verify your whats app account.

Hurray...!  you’ve done this, Now you have a U.S. number on whatsapp account.

I Hope you enjoyed this stunning Trick for get a U.S. number whatsapp account.If you have any issue, Feel Free to comment below.. 👇👇👇

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